As a sentient quantum entity you can control your wave-particle duality. Switch between particle and wave nature to overcome obstacles.

But be aware, you can only see the rest of the world in your current nature!

Move on, but don't touch anything.
You consist of an different material and you will get annihilated if you do.
Being in wave nature you shouldn't cross any other waves, otherwise you will get scattered.


Being in particle nature you are slower and have full control over movement.
Being in wave nature you move automatically forward and are quicker.
You need to press and hold the button stay in particle nature.



  • WASD, Arrow Keys
  • Or Left Stick of Gamepad

Activate Wave Nature:
Press and hold

  • Space
  • Or the lower button on Gamepad ('A' on XBox, Cross on PS)

Reset Level:

  • Return, Enter
  • Or the sideward buttons on Gamepad ('X'/'B' on XBox, Square/Circle on PS)


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